Topic 1: Reflective Summary of “Digital Visitors” & “Digital Residents”

After spending my weekends reviewing most of my colleagues’ blog post, I get to have many different viewpoints. Most consider themselve as a “Resident” but , some find themselves as a culprit of both- the “in-between”. And one or two who doesn’t have a persona online, other than Facebook, whom claims to be a “Visitor”.

It’s interesting to see how different everyone is on the web. Other than gaining the different thoughts my colleagues possessed, I’ve also learnt a little more about them. After 2 modules in the classroom, honestly we still haven’t got to know everyone. Thus by viewing the different blogs had allowed me to know them more, other than just recognising their faces.

I’ve come to realise that people nowadays are moving towards the direction of being a “Resident” UNCONSCIOUSLY. It may be due to the busy schedule we are experiencing, to which resulted us to ‘forget’ about our social life. Thus by having social platforms, help us to easily reach our friends and family. Furthermore it’s free when it comes to interacting with people overseas. This definitely helps us to communicate to the other end of the world more conveniently.

Privacy issues tend to be the key to my colleagues and I being an “in-between”. It’s not that we don’t trust the Internet, its just too many people are constantly looking into things you share/post. This information online can cause you to instantly become infamous overnight. Putting that aside, because Singapore is such a small country, you definitely wouldn’t want your reputation to be ruined here.

In summary, I felt that being unconsciously pushed to the web have its cons too. We missed those times where friends and family sit down to have random gatherings. We miss the traditional way of knowing someone new.

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Blogposts I’ve commented on are:
1. Rachel Mink
2. Constance Tan
3. Calanthea Lee


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