Topic 2: Reflective Summary of “Multiple Identities Online”

The variety of post arguing on the topic of having multiple online identities depicts that different people do have different objectives of using the web. After reading the articles and blog posts, I’ve realised that the points I’ve made in my original post were very oriented towards myself. However, through the different views from my classmates I’ve gained some interesting knowledge.

Shannon’s post was visually engaging. The structure and approach was who are we trying to be on the Internet. It keeps me wondering if we are making up another identity that differs from real life or otherwise? I do receive the same comments from friends, thinking that my life was all fun and carefree. So it leads me to think of why people gave such comments. I’ve come to realise that photos/comments I’ve published are skewed towards the happy and carefree side. What I didn’t do online was showing my “dark” side where I grumbled about people in my life. Hence, I would like to conclude, that I choose what I want myself to look like in front of my viewers, not that it’s a “fake” but in reality, it’s just a partial part of my life I’m exposing.

Pearlyn’s post had a great point about digital advancement where by marketers using the different identities as behavioural targeting. However, it contradicts my post where I have mentioned that by having multiple identities helps marketers to have better insights of target audiences. But Pearlyn mentioned a point where I haven’t considered, it’s that users may use fake identities. This will lead marketers to interpret its target audiences inaccurately. Thus, from a marketer point of view, I’ve learned that we should really consider sources of information through these profiles whether is it real or fake. After all, we wouldn’t want our work to go into a waste.

I’ve learned that the web is full of anonymous and out-of-date identities, thus making it difficult to trust. Overall, this is a challenging and interesting yet debatable topic.

(Word count: 334)

Blogs I’ve commented on:
1. Shannon’s
2. Pearlyn’s


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