Topic 3: Reflective Summary of “developing online professional profile”

Topic 3 took me a little longer to gather my thoughts. There weren’t things I find debatable as the question was pretty straightforward. In addition, I’ve found tons of articles and facts about ways to develop an authentic online professional profile. However, after reading those articles for some time, I realised that it will not be the way I’m going to write my article. Instead of finding way to develop a professional profile, I want my readers to understand why is there a NEED in developing it. Thus, I went on researching through the Internet for information and evidence on having unethical online behaviors and alternatives to creating a LinkedIn profile. Personally, I don’t find LinkedIn beneficial to graduates like me but more for the near future.

Upon reading my classmate’s articles, I came to realise that there’s plenty of ways to create an authentic online CV. I would definitely go for creating a video CV, its authentic, creative and entertaining! However, in a recruiter point of view, having a video CV has its critiques too. People looking for a job will obviously state information at their advantages. Thus, it’s difficult for employers to evaluate on a potential candidate. As a result, effectiveness on recruitment might be a long-tern problem for companies. A video CV will only capture the attention of employers. Ultimately, potential employers are keener in looking into the qualifications and past experiences. Hence, linking up all your online profiles will be critical in developing a well-rounded professional profile.

I’ve learned that professionalism depends on the industry one is in, as well as individual potential employer. For example, some might deduced that hiring a male marketing executive with a Mohawk haircut as being unprofessional, but another would think otherwise, stating that he looks fun, friendly and is someone whom is filled with creative ideas. Hence, the degree of professionalism weighs largely on individual or the kind of business they are in.

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