Reflection: Topic 4 – Internet Censorship

Topic 4 was rather broad in the question asked. It took me quite sometime to decide on one ethical issue among the hundreds of it. Initially, I thought of the issue on ‘Freedom of Speech’, whereby I believe that it is one of the best and worst thing on the Internet/social media. Because of ‘Freedom of Speech’ people are constantly experiencing problems such as cyber-bullying, but it does have a good side as well, for example economic blogs that helps us business students to gain more insights. While researching on it, I thought to myself, are there more pros or cons to it? How to prevent cons from ‘Freedom of Speech’? And there comes my solution to Internet censorship.

After reviewing the numerous issues brought up by my classmates, indeed some of the issues are what I have not thought about. One example would be Yi Xin’s blog post on ‘false’ perception of beauty. The different issues lead me to think of the Internet as a scary, dangerous and unreliable platform. It is as though the Internet is a silent platform for predators. I guess it’s really down to people who are the scary ones making up stories, blackmailing, stealing and so on. After all, as mentioned on my Topic 4 post, the Internet is only a tool in transmitting people’s message. Most of these problems raised have yet to find a resolution to it. From my perspective, the internet/social media can only fixed when people truly understand the meaning of morality and/or humanity.

I’ve learned through this topic that Internet censorship is there to help protect us. But many are against it, including myself. This is because we’ve yet to experiences problems such as identity theft or cyber bullying. Until then, perhaps we might find it unethical to us. I think that people should always think of both side of a flip coin. And why do we have the existence of Internet censorship instead of being against it.

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Blogs i’ve commented on:
1. Yi Xin’s
2. Edward’s


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