Reflection: Topic 5 – Open Access

Having taken for granted on open access, I was totally unaware of its advantages and disadvantages. I’ve spent more than half my life studying, getting resources off the Internet and even downloading them. Like many others, I’ve encountered numerous ‘restricted zones’, limiting access only if I pay a price. It’s really frustrating especially after reading part of the context.

Through Vanna’s post, I’ve got to see open access from 3 different perspectives – the student’s, business’s and author’s. Standing on different position will lead one to understand and see things differently. For example, students might have benefited from OER to having free or low educational cost but in contrast, businesses such as libraries will be forced to close down in the long run. However it is, either one of the 3 groups would receive a disadvantage. Upon commenting, I’ve thought of something that might have a solution to the problem. Which is that producers/authors may require users to register as to allow access to view the content. As business receives these information, they can then translate it to valuable data to allow them to personalise content better for their target group.

Additionally, problems such as “how do we know if what we’re paying for is relevant?” have risen. Audrey’s blog, comes a great example whereby Adobe Photoshop allows a trial period for users to assess if the software is useful to one.

Within my blog, I’ve also extended the discussion to open access within the music industry. In Jue Yin’s post on artist such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, I couldn’t agree more that the music industry had suffered the most. But I don’t think it’s the biggest set back for the artists themselves as money comes from a number of other sources such as concert tickets, sponsorships and most importantly staying in the limelight.

Overall, this topic have allowed me to realise that educational journals is becoming increasingly accessible whilst music online is becoming more restricted.

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Blogs i’ve commented on:
1. Vanna’s
2. Jue Yin’s


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