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Prior to this module, all my online platforms were nothing close to professional, needless to say, owning the ones I’ve recently created. Previously, it was purely for interaction with friends and keeping myself updated with their lives.

Through the 5 different topics, I’ve learned more insights about the Internet, its pros and cons, as well as building on my online professional ‘image’. The Internet became somewhere I can develop and earn a future.

In my opinion, I find that the Internet today is an essential platform for people whom are seeking for job opportunities and other business purposes.

The ‘self-test’ have set a guideline for myself to see how much I’ve grew in a short period of 3-weeks.
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As I’ve always mentioned in my posts, one’s online presence is made up of what he/she publishes. Furthermore, potential employers would be interested in them. Thus, these social platforms should be consistent, professional and authentic!


Below are the several online platforms I’ve owned.

twitterScreen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.16.01 pmlinkedin1390383_1633660386857087_1744877133_ainstagramFacebook_Circle.svg

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Twitter have given me the opportunity to easily find information of first-hand news through #hash-tagging. It also helps in connecting with people, as well as seeing tweets by successful companies or entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson from Virgin. I’ll continue twitting and exposing myself to other companies and interacts with them.


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.48.48 amScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.50.03 am

Previously, I’ve never had a blog to share my thoughts and learning (commenting) with others online. I’ve realised that by blogging might find you a job too. Needless to say the power of blogging is inevitable. With the current number of people hitting my page (702 as of 18/11/2015) in just 3-weeks. I’ll definitely be continuing blogging in the future, who knows I might get myself a job through blogging.


Linkedin:Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.58.18 pmScreen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.15.00 pm

I’ve mentioned in Topic 3 that I don’t agree for graduates to use Linkedin in finding for a job. However, I believe with my soon-to-come internship I look more attractive in my profile. Adding on, I’ve also added a short summary to stand myself out from the other graduates, as recommended by Peter Bowes.


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.38.51 am

Personally, Pathbrite was a better choice for fresh graduates. I’ve created an account and will continue updating my online portfolio.

Besides the above professional online platforms, I’d like my co-workers to know more about me too. Below are two social platforms to get to know THE ‘REAL’ ME!


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.10.55 am

Where I’m most active in. Pictures speak a thousand words don’t they?


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.07.17 pmScreen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.10.21 pm

It serves as the oldest and yet most information stored platform of me. Whatever you want to know about me for the past 10 years are probably all there. But now, I’m following source to know more about the business world.

Building an online platform isn’t instantaneous but instead I’ve learned why I need a professional profile and how to fully utilise one. With the different platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter specifically, I plan to connect with companies associated to marketing and ask about the soon-to-come internship.


(Screenshot of my mobile’s social page)

I’ve downloaded social application on my mobile so that I’ll get instant notifications of followers and comments. Above that, I may scroll through new, interesting accounts at my convenience anytime, anywhere. As a result, growing my personality, originality, authenticity and lastly, my knowledge of the web.

Using the tools developed in this module, I attempt to continue and work my life on the web. So do connect with me there!


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How blogging can help you get a job (TheEmployable)

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Oh! It’s a self-test

  1. Accessing, managing and evaluating online information: 2/5
    Accessing online information is commonly seen across the web. During my diploma days, we have been self-taught on evaluating the information we get off from the internet for projects, gauging if it is a reliable source. However, by self-learning would grant me little knowledge of the reliability. The only key point I had taken off was to not trust information through Wikipedias or websites, where information can be altered by any guest user.

  2. Participating in online communities: 3/5
    Some online communities which I have participate in are email-ing, Whatsapp (web), Facebook messenger whereby my friends and I would “chat” on the website. Nonetheless, I would like to improve in this area for future use in formal conversation in the corporate world.

  3. Building online networks around an area of interest: 2/5
    I love to share photos of my life with people. Through sharing these photos and memories, friends can look back and rekindle the memories we have had. In addition, we would also be able to know what each of us are doing in our everyday life – interacting through social platform. I guess this is why social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr are increasing its popularity among us.

  4. Collaborating with others: 1/5
    I had not been given any opportunity to collaborate with others on the internet yet. But I would gladly love the chance to do so. This sounds exciting!

  5. Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video): 3/5
    Yes, I have created images and text online through social medias and emails. But when it comes to videos and audio I have little or almost no experience. I have always wanted to learn more about videography since many people are earning through YouTube nowadays.

  6. Managing your online identity: 2/5
    When setting up a account, such as emails, social media or even a WordPress would require some information about our identity. It scares me how all this websites can be link to one another. For example, identity information on social medias are got through from the email. I seriously think managing them can be sometimes a hassle/problem, especially when it comes to getting multiple advertising emails from random sources.

  7. Managing your online privacy and security: 2/5
    The only experience I had for managing my online privacy and security was to private my social media to only allow friends of mine to get my information. I can easily do so because the social media provide such function, example Instagram having the “privacy button”. In many circumstances, such as email information have been a nerve-breaking problem for me because no “privacy button” function was made available. As the internet have been rapidly developing, I think privacy of information shared online is extremely important.

After completing the self-test, I realised that my current priorities is largely linked to social media platform. On top of that, my past school projects have exposed me to online sources whereby I can reference through the internet and it helped me to understand my module better.

My current score is 15/35 and I wish to develop and learn more through this module. My target is to achieve a score of at least 28/35 (on average 4/5 for each question).

I am excited to be learning through the web and interacting with my classmates online for the next two weeks to learn more about the module – “Living on the Web” #MANG2049 !

Current score :  15/35
Target score   :  28/35

More about me


I’m Siew Woon & my friends call me “woon” or “meowwoon” in short.

I am currently a student at the University of Southampton pursuing my degree in Digital Marketing. Although the school is located in UK but I’m undergoing the whole degree here in Singapore, SIM-GE.


(a picture with our previous module’s lecturer-Dr. Alessia)

As far as the fact states that most girls loves shopping, I’m a victim too! I’ve graduated from my Diploma in Retail Management early this year learning a lot about retailing & shopping, from merchandise buying to consumer behaviour to setting up a blogshop.

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In my free time, I like to spend time with family especially my nephews and nieces.


Did I mention that I’m also a food enthusiast too?


& I’m a little crazy when it comes to those white clouds that goes *meh mehhhh*

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Lastly, I love my muay-thai fighters *WOOSH*


(me in the middle with the *twist*)